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Sex toys for beginners | Dear Desire | Online Adult Store | South Africa

Sex toys for beginners

Trying out sex toys for the first time can be extremely daunting and even quite confusing. Maybe you’re embarrassed, like most to walk into an adult store with no idea of what to buy, or you’re spoilt for choice and overwhelmed with all the different toys and how each one works.


First off, try thinking of what you know you do like and what you know you do not like. Nobody knows your body quite like the way you do!


Shop online! This way you don’t have to face the overwhelming feeling of walking into your local sex shop and possibly bumping into your next-door neighbor or an old high school teacher! This way also gives you all the time in the world to make a cautious decision and get a feel for all the possibilities and what you find intriguing.


Whether you’re looking for something to treat yourself with or to share with your partner, we have thought-out a few items that you might enjoy!


Get dressed up

If you’re just wanting a taste of seduction, maybe try wowing your partner with a sexy lingerie set.

We suggest:

Anais Maya Chemise

You’ll feel confident and sexy in this gorgeous Anais Maya Chemise. You will certainly WOW your partner in this sexy silhouette keeping him in suspense. Made from a strong, soft mesh material with delicate lace and ribbon details.


 Anais Maya Chemise Black


Set the mood

For those romantics out there, we suggest a candle or some massage oil. You will create a romantic atmosphere and set the tone for the rest of your evening.

We suggest:

Shunga Massage Candle

Massage candle with vanilla aroma for an extraordinary warming massage. A few minutes after lightning the candle the liquid wax can be used as massage oil.

 Shunga Massage Candle Desire Vanilla 170 ml




So, you’ve decided you’re up to try something a bit kinkier, but you don’t want to go headfirst into the deep end.  Handcuffs will give you a taste of bondage while still staying closer to your comfort zone.

 We suggest:

Fifty Shades Metal Handcuffs You Are Mine

Perfectly balancing an authentic bedroom bondage experience with the reassurance of imminent escape if required, You. Are. Mine. is a strong pair of lockable handcuffs with a safety mechanism for peace of mind.

Fifty Shades Metal Handcuffs You Are MineVibrators

You can’t go wrong with a simple vibrator. Add an extra sense of pleasure for you and your partner or enjoy by yourself.

We suggest:

Rocks-Off Silhouette - Dark Desires Kit

Delightful and Oh so daring this gorgeous little mischief maker will soon have you bunny hopping with pure pleasure. 7 addictive sinful settings of pure ecstasy are yours to have with this powerful pleasure. This sleek, sublime vibe makes it a perfect fit for your first, most intimate and irresistible moments.


Cock ringsRocks-Off Silhouette - Dark Desires Kit

For those men out there looking to explore the world of sex toys the perfect start would be with a cock ring. Enjoy by yourself or provide an extra layer of pleasure for you and your partner.

We suggest:

Fifty Shades Feel It Baby Vibrating Cock Ring

Designed for longer-lasting fun that takes both partners all the way, the Feel It Baby! cock ring is made from body-safe stretchy silicone and is perfect for beginners. Transform lovemaking with thrilling vibrations for shared pleasure.

Fifty Shades Feel It Baby Vibrating Cock Ring



I hope this helped you ease the nerves you may have been feeling and most importantly enjoy yourself!

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