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10 ways to improve your sex life. | Dear Desire | Online Adult Store | South Africa

10 ways to improve your sex life.

Many couples at some point in their relationships may hit a bump in road when it comes to keeping their sex life alive and keeping things new and interesting. Especially older couples who may be experiencing a decline in their hormone levels and changes in their circulatory system which could cause many issues in the bedroom. To name a few low libido, erectile dysfunction, or vaginal pain.

Maybe you’re in a new relationship and you’re not quite seeing eye to eye when you get under the sheets. Or you’re a male who struggles to last long enough to pleasure his partner and is searching for new ways to enhance his sexual performance.

We have listed out a few ways that may help improve your sex life at home.

 1. Discover the cause of all your sexual issues.

Before you can start improving your sex life you need to pinpoint exactly what is restricting you from having the best sex of your life. To name a few causes:

  • You’re too tired. Maybe you work a 9 – 5 and when you get home you whip up dinner, get the kids ready for bed and by the time your head hits the pillow you’re exhausted, all you want to do is sleep and sex sounds like a chore.
  • You aren’t comfortable with your partner. You could be in a new relationship and when its time to perform the act you don’t know each other’s boundaries and what you each like, so you continue with your vanilla sex. Now there’s nothing wrong with vanilla but maybe you’re craving a little something more.
  • You skip foreplay. Foreplay is the most fundamental part of good sex. Foreplay helps build up arousal and lubrication. If you jump straight into it, you should expect disappointing sex.

These are just a few reasons why your sex life may be taking a knock.  Now let’s get into how to fix these issues.

2. Use lubrication

Using a lubrication can make for a more comfortable sex life avoiding vaginal dryness, irritation, and painful sex. If you do not use a lubrication, you may get frustrated by constantly trying to distract yourself from the dryness and discomfort you may be experiencing.

3. Talk dirty

They say that being more vocal while reaching your climax makes for a more intense orgasm. Now while I’m sure many of you may feel uncomfortable being vocal while having sex, I suggest you at least give it a go.  This could enhance arousal and keep your mind focused on the moment.

4. Rid yourself of stress

Stress can cause many health issues including a decline in your libido. Stress can prohibit and affect reaching an orgasm or achieving an erection.  Try exercising to work through your stress or sitting down with your partner and talking about your stress and the root cause of all your problems.

5. Try roleplay

A big reason why you may be struggling with your sex life may be because you have been in a long-term relationship and that sense of mystery has faded. Build up the mystery and excitement again by trying roleplay or fulfilling each other’s fantasies. Try getting dressed up or surprising your partner with a sexy lingerie set.

6. Introduce toys into your sex routine

A great way to improve your sex life would be by implementing a sex toy into your sex routine. Maybe to start, go for a body massager or a vibrator or if you are feeling riskier try a bondage kit and create a sense of suspense and excitement.

7. Set the mood

This would go hand in hand with foreplay, try creating an ambiance before jumping headfirst into sex. Light a candle, introduce a body oil or draw a bubble bath for you and your partner to enjoy before sex. This will also help with stress and reducing any built-up anxiety or tension.

8. Masturbate

If you are struggling to last long in bed, try masturbating. By masturbating you will improve your longevity when having sex with your partner.

9. Seek help from a sex therapist

If none of these ‘’at home remedies’’ help solve your problems I would suggest seeking professional help and advice. Therapy is extremely effective for increasing your libido and sex drive. Counselling will help sift through the negative views you may have about self-esteem, sex and other causes that may be creating issues in your sex life.

10. Seek medical help

If you have more severe issues such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal pain, I suggest seeking medical help as this could be a more serious issue that you will be unable to fix at home by yourself.


To conclude, experiment with your needs and desires and be open an honest with your partner. And most importantly, practice makes perfect, so get to work!

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