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More about the Kegel Ball

What are Kegel balls?

You may view Kegel balls as just a sex toy, but they are so much more than that. Kegel balls, also known as ben wa balls are weighted balls used as a tool to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  Kegel balls come in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and weights. Some may be smaller and lighter than others that are heavier and larger in size but ultimately, they all perform the same purpose, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. Kegel balls are often made from plastic or silicon with a smooth metal surface. Some Kegel balls may vibrate, while others don’t.

What do Kegel Balls do?

Kegel balls have many different health benefits, namely, to help prevent urinary and faecal incontinence as well as to improve stimulation and encourage orgasms during intercourse. Kegel balls have also been known to help combat urinary infections as well as pain during intercourse.

How do you use Kegel balls and what risks are there?

Before attempting to use Kegel balls it is very important to consider the risks and ensure that you are using Kegel balls as advised. A few of the possible risks are as such: tearing, pain or discomfort, overexertion, muscle strain. In order to reduce your risk, you need to make sure, you are using your Kegel balls in the correct way. Start by reading the instructions on the specific product you bought but also research and educate yourself on Kegel balls and the correct way to use them. If you are unsure or have any unanswered questions, you should seek guidance from your doctor. There are a few factors to consider before using Kegel balls.

  • Are you currently pregnant or recovering from childbirth?
  • Have you recently had vaginal surgery?
  • Do you suffer from pelvic pain?
  • Do you use menstrual cups?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we advise that you consult with your doctor before proceeding.

Preparing your Kegel balls

Wash your hands and Kegel balls with warm water and soap. Dry your Kegel balls thoroughly. Apply your favourite water-based lubricant.


The best position for newbies

If you are a beginner and you have not yet built up your pelvic floor muscles, we suggest lying on your back with your knees bent upwards to perform your Kegel exercises. This way your muscles do not have to counteract the force of gravity in the way that they do when you are standing up right.

Inserting your Kegel balls

Kegel balls are made up of one or more weighted balls. These weighted balls are often connected by a small string or loop of plastic, always ensure that the last loop is left outside of the vagina when performing your Kegel exercises to ensure that you have an easy way to remove your Kegel balls when you are finished. Start by slowly inserting each ball into your vagina as deep as you are comfortable with. Your Kegel balls should sit just above your muscle, approximately 2cm inside your vagina. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold and count to 5 seconds. Relax the muscles for a further 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times, 3 times daily. Make sure to keep all other muscles relaxed while you perform these exercises. If you feel comfortable enough you can try sitting up and performing the exercise or even, try walking around with the balls inside of you. If you feel as though they may slip out, gently push them back up inside your vaginal canal.

Removing your Kegel balls

Lay down on your back with your knees bent upwards. Gently pull on the loop attached to the Kegel balls. Exhale as you slowly pull the balls out. If you struggle to get them out and they feel as though they are lodged deep inside your vagina, squeeze as if you are pushing out a tampon and slowly pull on the loop to remove them comfortably.

How to clean your Kegel balls

It is very important to maintain good hygiene when using any type of sex toy. This is to ensure that you are not transmitting any bacteria and infections between uses or if you are sharing your toys with your partner/s. Wash your Kegel balls with warm water and soap, dry with a towel or linen cloth. Store in a clean place to reduce risk of transmitting bacteria.


  • Make sure your bladder is empty before you perform your Kegel exercises.
  • Do not overuse your Kegel balls as you could strain or overexert your muscle.
  • Always practice good hygiene and self-care techniques to ensure no bacteria is transmitted between uses.
  • Do not leave your Kegel balls in your vagina for more than 6 hours at a time.

What we recommend



The new Pillow Talk Frisky Pleasure Balls form a perfect pair of progressive Kegel balls. They are perfectly weighted to strengthen one's pelvic muscles and increase excitement. These pleasure balls deliver a stimulating rocking motion inspired by one's natural movements.


  • Refer to last image for Dimensions
  • Single ball weight: 57g
  • Double ball weight: 73g
  • Super silky high-grade silicone finish
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable cushion textured grip
  • Dazzles with Swarovski crystal




Fun Factory Smartballs Duo is an easy-to-use Pelvic floor training device that features two velvety soft silicone-covered weighted kegel balls, designed for advanced users. Offering easy vaginal insertion, with female anatomy in mind, Smartballs can barely be felt when worn leading to more sensuous and passionate sexual experiences for women.


  • Kegel balls for better orgasms
  • Weighted balls inside move when you do
  • making your muscles work
  • Can also help prevent incontinence and with recovery from childbirth
  • Tapered for easy insertion
  • Two-ball design engages more of your muscles